About Us

Tesoros Modernos

Many of the artistic treasures from Latin America would not be known without traveling there to see them. Our mission is to make these treasures available, so everyone can admire the unique artistry of Latin American jewelry.

We specialize in legacy-inspired jewelry from distinct areas of Latin America which were formerly occupied by great civilizations. Currently we have products from Mexico which we call Azteca, from Peru which we call Inka, and from Colombia which we call Precolombino. All products are imported to and ship from our location in Los Angeles, California.


All of our products are handmade by artisans, silver and goldsmiths, in their native lands using local materials, some of which are unique to these areas such as amber from Mexico, spondylus from Peru, or emeralds from Colombia. Many of the pieces we offer are inspired by objects currently or formerly on display in museums, such as the Gold Museum in Bogota, Colombia (Museo de Oro). Other pieces have more modern designs, while still maintaining a unique Latin American identity.