Our website is protected with SSL technology. Every page you visit is encrypted and displays the secure lock icon next to the "https" protocol prefix in the address bar of your browser. All information you enter during a purchase is encrypted during transmission to our servers.

What information do we store about you?

In order to fulfill your order and ship it to you we maintain your name, address, and email for a limited amount of time. Your address is needed for the shipping label and your email is used to send you a tracking number. If you were to create an account, this same information is on file which will populate the name and address fields for future purchases.

What information do we share with others?

We do not share any information about you with any external entity. We do, however, forward your name and address to your choice of payment provider during checkout.

What about my Credit Card information?

Your credit card information is only seen by the payment provider you choose for your purchase. The primary payment provider for this website is Shopify, however you may also choose PayPal or Google Pay. We never see your Credit Card information nor do we have access to it at any time.

What about cookies and JavaScript?

As do most commercial websites, our site requires cookies and JavaScript to function. Cookies are used to store your shopping cart, and JavaScript is used to provide animation on the home page and product page.